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With its 310 million active users and 600 million tweets every day, Twitter has opened marketing opportunities for almost every industry. Twitter for Healthcare Professionals has shown enormous growth in the last few years or so. Twitter Marketing Strategies are an integral part of major marketing projects in the healthcare industry. Twitter allows its users to stay updated with breaking stories, from global occurrences to public figures, trending topics, and organizations that matter to them. 

Twitter Marketing Strategies can help you stay with the existing patients and bring new patients to your practice. These can even enhance your healthcare brand’s online reputation. Building a strong following on Twitter for Healthcare Professionals takes time and posting a lot of engaging content is a must. But if you make efforts, Twitter Marketing Strategies can allow you to attract new patients to your practice. You can even build active brand advocates. Then, these brand ambassadors have the potential to become the voice of your practice. Doesn’t that sound appealing!? Well, let’s discover how you can leverage Twitter to enhance your healthcare brand’s online presence and do a lot more.

How to Use Twitter for Healthcare Professionals – Best Twitter Marketing Strategies 

The following tips on Twitter for Healthcare Professionals will enlighten you about the significance of Social Media for Doctors. Adopting these practices will improve the online reputation of your healthcare practice and do a lot more. So let’s get started without further ado and understand how you can reap the maximum benefits by using Twitter!

Create a Robust Following Approach

Twitter marketing strategies

Research reveals that many factors contribute to the increasing number of followers. One of the validated concepts is your followers increase if you begin to follow more people. Twitter users are more likely to follow your practice if you follow them. Here are some tips to construct a strategy for your business – 

  • Follow Local Community Members and Patients that follow you. 
  • Follow Organizations and People that are relevant to your Practice.
  • Upload Email Contacts to Twitter and follow your Professional Social Circle plus your Patients.

Despite provocations to jumpstart your Twitter following, you should never buy Twitter followers. Twitter can penalize you if they suspect your purchased followers and can suspend your account. Fake followers cultivate superficial loyalty. Moreover, these followers will not interact with your practice. 

Develop a Consistent Posting Schedule and Create Shareable Posts 

Twitter marketing strategies

If you have a Twitter business page and you spend a large percentage of time neglecting it, you should expect the rest of the Twitter-sphere to overlook you in return. Make sure your Twitter updates are relevant, consistent, shareable, and useful to take your page to the next level. Here are some tips for you to craft tweetable posts – 

  • Post Often: Post a minimum of three times a week at the beginning and 1-3 times each day, as the brand awareness increases. 
  • Seek Relevancy: Write helpful or informative posts related to wellness and health for your patients. 
  • Use Images: Posts with pictures receive more retweets and likes than posts without them. 
  • Link Out: Find contents or news articles that you can link to, either from a reputable news source or your website. 
  • Use Trending Hashtags: A large number of Twitter users look for posts related to a specific topic. Adding these popular hashtags to your posts makes them more findable for a broader audience. 
  • Motivate Your Audience: Formulate posts that are more likely to get retweets for your practice. Easily implementable Health Tips or Motivational Health Messages are retweeted the most. 
  • Avoid Self-promotion: Strike a healthy balance between posts promoting your practice and services and generic health material. 

Incorporating a combination of all these practices will bring a sense of dynamics to your practice. Also, try posting at different times to see when your followers are engaging the most. Several theories suggest that the weekend is the best time for tweeting, and some recommend weekday afternoons. 

Craft a Tactful and Thoughtful Twitter Bio

Twitter marketing strategies

Twitter Marketing Strategies are about connecting your practice to your community at large and also with patients outside the health examination room. This translates into having a Twitter bio that aims to provide basic information and sparks interest in people about your healthcare practice. All this also includes encouraging actions such as visiting your practice’s website and following your page. A composed Twitter bio can convert many visitors into patients. When writing your Twitter bio, remember the following – 

  • If they do not know where to go, Twitter followers cannot get converted into patients, i.e., make sure to include your website URL in your Twitter bio. 
  • Include the most relevant geographical area, like neighborhood or county. It will help your potential patients decide if the location is within reach before scheduling an appointment. 
  • Make your practice appear more human by adding a clear, high-resolution, and bright image of the practitioner of your practice. This helps attract more followers as people connect with faces more than with logos. 

Promote Your Twitter Page Online and Offline

social media for doctors

Take advantage of the patient’s encounter to access a list of the patient’s email address. It will help market your Twitter profile digitally, in person, and on printed material. Here is how you can begin – 

  • Print: Unite your Twitter handle to office receipts, brochures, posters, and signage. 
  • Digital: On your website and email signature, add a link to your Twitter account and prompt people to follow you. 
  • Promotion: Consider motivating new Twitter followers and veteran followers who retweeted a post with a special discount on a healthcare service or a product. 
  • Other Social Platforms: If you happen to have a loyal Facebook following, encourage your followers to follow you on Twitter through a series of Facebook posts that cover or emphasize your Twitter link. 

Become an Influencer in the Medical Community

Twitter for Healthcare Professionals

Sometimes you might want to expand your goals beyond your current association. Various Social Media platforms including Twitter, in particular, are a means to reach a broader audience. Whether you are promoting a health concept or promoting a new book, your Twitter account’s needs might change over time. Consider the following points to reach a larger audience on your Twitter page – 

  • Retweeting posts manually from other influencers in the medical community or big companies by copying- pasting the tweet ensures your profile is included in the retweet. 
  • Participate in relevant Twitter chats. 
  • Tweeting 5-10 people to ask them questions or commenting on their posts is a smart choice.
  • Take note of the trending news topics to offer your take on the subject by utilizing popular and relevant hashtags. 

Twitter has the potential to help you connect with your patients and to transform your online presence. The above strategies for Twitter for Healthcare Professionals, when used consistently, can help your medical practice gain more Twitter followers. 

How can UNV Healthcare help? 

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency for strategies for Twitter for Healthcare Professionals

According to a recent study, Google and other Search Engines drive three times more traffic to Hospitals and Healthcare Websites than other sources. 

At UNV Healthcare, we understand that you are more likely to be focused on Patient Care than Digital Marketing if you work in the Healthcare industry. But the fact is, you need a robust online presence to attract new patients to fight the competition and endure profits. 

We are an experienced Digital Marketing Agency driving growth, revenue, and leads for healthcare providers and other healthcare companies for a decade now. Our SEO Services focus on brand building through authoritative medical content. We even specialize in managing Campaigns on Bing, Google AdWords for Healthcare Brands and have successfully generated 10x revenue for many Diagnostics Service Providers through our focused Campaigns. 

To know more about the Best Strategies for Twitter for Healthcare Professionals or to promote your Practice through Websites or Videos, contact us today.

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