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tips to increase website speed

The Healthcare Industry is known for giving quick responses with high efficiency when it comes to taking care of patients. In some cases, immediate intervention can mean life or death. Speed is an essential factor when it comes to health. Here we will talk about some tips to increase website speed.

When we talk about a website, the stakes are not that high, however; patients nowadays look for sites that load in a few seconds. They expect the healthcare websites to load quickly on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. If the website turns out to load slow, you could lose many new patients. You would’ve heard about this, “Patients are always impatient.” Well, this blog will cover all such critical points and help you out with some tips to increase website speed!

Best Tips to Increase Website Speed

You wouldn’t want to lose out on any patient merely because your website loads slow. Isn’t it? If you have an appealing healthcare website and the loading speed is slow, it can have an impact on your business too. How? Well, your website traffic will decline, the lead generation process will go down the path, patients looking for help will reach out to someone else. That would be a nightmare!

Do not be overwhelmed as we are here to help you solve the problem and have some amazing tips to increase website speed. Nowadays, various tools available online help to determine the speed of the website. These tools help you analyze the page structure and suggest the required optimization for the website accordingly. They score differently for mobile and desktop, although the scores can be similar but not exactly the same. There are some other factors that need to be taken care of, discover some of them below yourself to have the best healthcare website.

Compress Images

tips to increase website speed

Don’t you like Eye-catching images in a blog? Indeed, everyone loves it, but do you know that high quality and large-sized images are the main culprits for site slowdowns? Yes, it’s true! For any healthcare website, images play a vital role in attracting potential patients. The best way to solve your image problem is to reduce the size of images without losing out much of the quality factor. To do so, you can consider using the free tools like –

  • JPEGMini
  • ImageOptim
  • iLoveIMG
  • Shortpixel
  • Optimizilla

Ensure that you use the least video content. However, if videos are really important, then put a link that takes less time to load. Also, use HTML-responsive images and attributes to adjust with image size. Use the Lazy Loading design pattern, here the images load as the user scrolls down the page and this improves your website’s efficiency too.

Have a Mobile-Responsive Website

tips to increase website speed

The loading time for your website influences your healthcare site’s ranking on Google. According to Google, in 2015, mobile searches outnumbered desktop searches and it continues to grow. Now, your website should be user and mobile-friendly according to the Google algorithms to rank on top of the search engines. Since 2017, Google has started ranking websites based on the Mobile-friendliness factor of the site.

With low performance comes fewer chances of gaining visibility and promotion. So, having a mobile-responsive website is the need of the hour and you wouldn’t want to lag behind. By optimizing your images, text, videos, etc., within the mobile dimensions, you will be able to increase your healthcare website’s speed, create a better user experience as well as start ranking on Google.

Choose Your Host Wisely

Best healthcare website

Don’t be stingy with your budget when you buy a new healthcare website. The hosting provider plays an active role in the performance of a website. Well, if you are a beginner and you don’t have much traffic on your website, using cheap options will seem fine. However, you’ll need to upgrade your site once you start getting more traffic. So, getting a WebHost whom you can trust is very crucial. 

There are three types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Host is the most popular and cheapest option used all across the globe. You can get it for about $5 per month. On the contrary, it struggles to keep up with high traffic volumes and spikes.

Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers are much faster if compared to Shared Hosting as you can have your own dedicated portions of server resources. These VPS and DS protect your site from others user’s access without any cost for dedicated hosting. If your website has high volume traffic and spikes, then VPS is your optimal solution.

All this sounds overwhelming and not easy to understand? Relax and put your worries aside. You can get in touch with our experts who will help you understand everything in a much easier way. Problem solved!


Best healthcare website

Caching is most effective when there are a lot of users accessing the page all at once. Due to which the server takes time to deliver the web page to each user. Using the caches, you can store copies of the site’s files, which reduces the work of the server to load and deliver the website to the visitor.

You would ask, which plugin should I use? How to implement it? We have both – The answer and the solution. Use W3 Total Cache or W3 Super Cache for WordPress. For VPS, set up Caching in your general setting. Once done, you’re all set!

To be the number one doctor, the primary key is to have immediate assistance whenever a patient needs help. Similarly, having a healthcare website is the primary key when the patients need assistance and answers to their health-related queries. Providing such service not only helps in converting a visitor into a patient but also helps them think positively about your practice.

This was just a sneak peek into the basic tips to increase website speed. Use these tips and outstand yourself from other healthcare companies. For further assistance, UNV Healthcare is always here to your aid!

How can UNV Healthcare help?

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency for tips to increase website speed

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