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Did you know that your website eases communication with patients and helps you get more of them? If you do not give importance to how your website looks and functions, you’re missing out on the benefits that come along. You may question – How can only having a robust website help? Well, you are right to a certain extent, but not entirely. SEO for medical practice is the answer to all your queries.

Do not get baffled if you do not know how to get started. All you need is experienced Healthcare SEO companies to get you on page #1 on Google, help you build a solid site, and implement robust healthcare SEO strategies for you.

Let’s understand the basics first and then proceed to learn more.

How can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help the Medical Industry

seo for medical practice

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – It is the science and art of raising a website to the number one position on organic search results on Google and across other major search engines. SEO broadly gives the users the exact information that they are looking for. Whereas, Local SEO for Doctors focuses on the geographical content. So, wouldn’t it be great if you have a strategy in place, where you get highlighted on top results if the search is based on local intent?

Implementing an effective SEO strategy requires an investment of time, money, or both, to get the desired results. Local SEO for Doctors is a powerful strategy that can benefit medical practitioners in the long run as it’s 100% reliable and worth giving a try.

SEO for Medical Practice – Powerful Strategies

By implementing appropriate techniques and by avoiding unethical Black Hat marketing techniques, you can achieve higher rankings in Google for your healthcare business. Black Hat SEO is like using “Secret Tricks” to get pages to the top of Google and other major search engines. Google’s algorithms change from time to time, and they take care of thwarting Black Hat SEO methods. Also, it is really easy for the algorithms to detect such tricks and ban healthcare practitioners who attempt these methods.

Tip: Suppose you’re ever approached by marketing professionals who make promises to get “Really Quick results from SEO,” stay alert. Why? Because, in that case, such strategies are probably too faulty to be true. The best SEO Healthcare companies will always let you know that SEO is a long-term strategy and results are not seen immediately.

Since now you have got a fair idea about what SEO is, it’s time to know 3 core SEO-specific techniques that are crucial; let’s dive in!

1. On-Site Healthcare SEO Techniques

local seo for doctors

When creating new pages, consider taking care of On-site or On-page technical SEO first. It refers to the images, codes, and words that can help you boost the SEO effectiveness of your medical website. Various other factors impact SEO such as site loading speed, mobile responsiveness, etc. To reap the maximum benefits, focusing on the below-mentioned details is of utmost importance.

Title Tags

Title tags are an HTML (coding) element within your site’s backend that specifies your web page titles. The title is displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as the clickable headline for that specific search result. So, using appropriate titles is very crucial.

SEO Metadata

The Meta Description Tags is a powerful feature that is just beneath the title tags in SERPs and consists of a ~160 character or less description summarizing the web page’s content. Make those characters count by smartly utilizing the space with a call to action, USPs, any geographical location, your brand name, etc.  

Site Speed

Site Speed is a time measurement of how quickly any web page loads. This algorithm of Google determines where your page will show up in SERPs. A site with a slow loading time won’t be preferred even by the people who visit your site. They will immediately switch to look for other options. This will further affect the bounce rate and take your site down on the SERPs.

Mobile Responsiveness

Today, having a mobile responsive website has become the need of the hour. Your website’s content should be displayed in a mobile-friendly way. With more people using their mobile phones for searching for hospitals and practices using the “Near Me” option, this is a vital part of your SEO strategy. So make sure that you keep this aspect in mind while building your medical site.

Keyword Meta Tags

Keywords aren’t visible to online visitors but are visible to the Search Engine crawlers. When someone searches for the information that they want, they use short or long-term keywords. With keen research on keywords for your website, you can ensure that you will be found in the SERPs.

Alt Tags

An Alt Tag is applied to images, which provides a text alternative to search engines for the images you use. Use Alt Tags on your pages, and make sure they are on point to the topic concerning your niche, services, products, and so on. Always use relevant alt text, title. It will eventually help you rank on google images.

Use Keyword in H1’s and H2’s

H1, H2, H3….. are called header tags and play a vital role in On-page SEO. Structuring your header according to Keywords increases the readability and makes it easier for the visitor to understand things better. Categorizing the information that you want to present under various headings will also make your content accessible and scannable for the search engines.

Anchor Text Links

Anchor text refers to a clickable hyperlink within a text in your content. Having a relevant anchor text to the page that you’re linking to plays a critical role in enhancing the user experience. Think of the benefits when someone links to your page! More Links > More Search Traffic > More Visitors!

Formatting for Text

Google crawlers tend to attract towards Italic and Bold formatting of text. So, focus on emphasizing what should stand out and help Google crawlers determine what’s relevant.


How you optimize your website’s footer menu further indicates Google about your site’s relevance on SERPs.


XML for Search Engines: XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is similar in context to HTML. An XML sitemap is an invitation for search engines to crawl the URLs listed within that sitemap.

Visible for User Experience: A visual sitemap that your site’s visitors can see is vital for solid SEO for medical practice.

Changing Content

Updating old healthcare/medical content will amplify your Healthcare SEO efforts and boost your overall search engine traffic.

2. Off-Site Healthcare SEO Techniques

seo for medical practice

Websites that are linked to other healthcare-related websites are recognized as “More Significant” to Google than sites without any of such backlinks. You require these backlinks because they give your web pages authority and credibility pertaining to search engine results. It would help if you aimed to get backlinks pointing to your website from the following “Off-site” sources.

Press Releases

Press Releases serve as a way for your practice to let journalists and major healthcare publications know about significant events such as –

  • Winning an Award
  • Launching a New Product or Service, and so on
Healthcare Directories

Directories help existing and new patients find your practice and play a role in SEO as well. Ranking factors depend on how and where you are listed in directories and your consistency across those directories. It gives easy access to the users who search about various topics online.

Here is a list of some popular and valuable healthcare-website content directories:

  1. SAMHSA.gov
  2. HealthGrades
  3. RateMDs
  4. MedlinePlus.gov
  5. Specialty sites like VeinDirectory.org
  6. NIH.gov (and NIH’s MeSH)
  7. RealSelf
  8. AMA Doctor Finder (and AMA’s InnovationMatch.AMA-assn.org)
  9. CMS Physician Compare
  10. Castle Connolly Top Doctors
Blogs and Articles

Blog content and online articles are good for SEO because they help position your website as a relevant answer to your customer’s questions. A smart way to be people’s preference above other competitors is to write about topics that trend from time to time and the ones that are most searched for.

Healthcare Social Media

There’s a debate about the extent to which social media impacts SEO. Still, most healthcare SEO experts will agree that a higher number of likes and follows on social media pages, especially Facebook and Instagram, increases your site’s relevance. Various other social media platforms offer the opportunity for brands to appear on page #1 of Google.

Your Reputation Management

Building trust and maintaining a relationship with your audience online has become really important in recent times. Studies have revealed that an average consumer reviews 7 blogs before trusting a business. So, just writing about the various topics won’t help. Instead, switch to writing about topics that provide valuable knowledge and guidance.

Reviews can make it or break it. People tend to trust the reviews that appear online. It would be best to respond to both negative and positive reviews but, if you’re in the healthcare industry, avoid HIPAA compliance violations. Also, note that your responses must never disclose a patient’s identity.

3. Website User Experience Optimization 

seo for medical practice

User experience optimization is vital to attract visitors and retain them. As the website improves with technical bugs and content, improving experience helps increase your conversion rates, allowing you to drive increased revenue.

What is User Experience Optimization?

User Experience (UX) refers to the behavioral factors that consumers display while interacting with a website. Several factors influence UX, from website design to form design.

More specifically, user experience defines user’s impressions of your website or other application based on how easy and pleasant it is to use. When you improve UX, you create a more desirable place for customers to interact with your brand.

UX Optimization Checklist for Healthcare Website

UX best practices for a healthcare website often involve paring down the information you present to visitors to avoid them from getting distracted or confused. However, this doesn’t mean you have to take a minimalist approach to web design. In comparison, there are various tools and techniques that you can use.

Here is our UX optimization checklist for Healthcare Websites:

  1. User-Friendly Content
  2. Mobile Friendliness
  3. Navigation
  4. Broken Site Structure/Links
  5. Readability
  6. Usability
  7. Site Speed

Hope you found the above information useful. For further assistance, UNV Healthcare is always here to your aid.

How UNV Healthcare can help?

Best Healthcare SEO companies

With our in-depth knowledge and around a decade of experience in the Healthcare industry, our team can help your healthcare business in many ways. We have a successful track record of delivering exceptional results to our client base in India, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Singapore, and Australia.

At UNV Healthcare, we use industry-grade software to carry out a meticulous analysis of competitors. Our experts implement 100% ethical White-Hat SEO practices for your brand to make sure that you rank higher on SERPs, which is the dream of many companies. 

We are a final stop for all your Healthcare Marketing requirements. We provide top-notch quality services like Content Creation, SEO, SEM, SMM, Video Production, Graphic Designing, 2D and 3D Animation, to name a few.

To gain more knowledge about the significance of SEO for medical practice in the Healthcare Industry, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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