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A web-based survey of 616 physicians conducted by the leading institutions in the healthcare sector found how Physician Referral Techniques can be used to refer a patient to another provider. Every patient requires a Physician Referral Service at some point, generally from a primary care doctor. Many times patients aren’t provided with options. There can be several factors behind this, but the most significant one being who is in their Healthcare system. Well, this is not entirely true as it is hard for people to find specialists in rural areas. Isn’t it?

You would ask, aren’t patients similar to the consumers? Well, the answer is a Yes. In this world, any Industry works on the logic of Profit-loss. Here practitioners also have a need for healthcare referrals to support their business. As any business does not want to lose its customers, physicians want to avoid the same. Hence, they refer to it as “Leakage.”

According to a survey, Hospitals annually earn around 2.13 million from a primary physician’s admission, referrals, and other services. Yes, you read that right. Many primary doctors work directly for hospitals. So, if a patient sees the need for some specialist, e.g., Cardiologist and Neurologist, the physician will often refer them to the same hospital to keep them under the same umbrella. Hence, no health system would want to see a decrease in the amount of contribution per doctor.

You might want to know how Physician Referral Techniques work? Why is there a need for healthcare referrals? and so on. Let’s find answers to such questions in here.

4 Best Physician Referral Techniques

Here are 4 straightforward and highly effective physician referral techniques to encourage patients to refer family, friends, and colleagues to your practice. There is almost zero cost, so your profit is through the ceiling.

It is the best way to create a win-win scenario in internal marketing. With sheer dedication, a little practice, and persistence, it gets almost easy to generate patient referrals.

The only tricky part is committing and doing it. So, let’s dive in to know what should be done!

Be Ready to put Yourself “Out there”

need for healthcare referrals

Come out of your shell and start socializing. It’s important to meet new people of the same profession to increase your network. Believe it or not, this practice is amongst the best physician referral techniques and is used by many healthcare practitioners in today’s time. Do not worry if you’re new to it, we have listed some simple steps below.

To begin with, it is good to create a list of every possible potential referral that you get from your practice. With this, you might have a long list, but will be able to recognize from whom you get the most referrals. Accordingly, set your priority to those physicians, and maintain strong relationships with them.

With the remaining names, shortlist the potential referrers with the best referring power. Maybe they might have been in the city a long time, or many patients prefer their practices. Always remember physicians prefer other physicians who they respect, trust and love to work with.

So, aim to be that one respected, trusted, a well-liked doctor by socializing and maintaining good relations with other practitioners.

Maintain a Rapport and Follow-up

physician referral techniques

It is essential to have a good relationship with other physicians, but having a good rapport with your office staff like nurses, assistants, office managers, and other key people is equally essential.

Your staff is the one who will partly contribute to handling your business and attend people who visit you. They may also refer their known people to take your service rather than referring to some other practitioner. Therefore having a good rapport between you and your staff helps with the seamless working environment.

To maintain that rapport, begin with knowing every member’s name and be sure to thank them for referrals. Another important factor to consider is “Consistency.” Follow-ups are critical, so make sure that you do it at regular intervals and find the right time for reconnecting. Also, do not forget to distribute your business cards to other hospitals, physicians, medical practitioners as this tactic will remind them of your services.

Maintain an Online Presence

physician referral techniques

Patients are always cautious. They take precautions by researching the specialists to whom they are referred to. Hence, it becomes essential for you to have an engaging, up-to-date website that contains relevant, valuable information about you and your practice.

Nowadays, patients are making more efforts to research well about the healthcare practitioners or healthcare organizations before taking a firm decision. They want to find more options before committing. Hence, you need to have a robust digital marketing strategy in place that will help you build an online presence, and eventually attract more patients. Also, people who try to research about you after getting a referral from another practitioner will be impressed if you maintain an online presence and give them what they need.

Learn How to Treat Your Generated Referrals

physician referral techniques

Make sure that you store the details of your referrals appropriately. Also, make it a priority to ask physicians about their referred patients promptly, so neither referring physician nor the patient is left wondering. If you come across any patient who does not have a primary care physician, refer them to one of the referring physicians. The give and take relationship is a must and will help you build trust and strengthen your relationship with other practitioners.

Additional Tip

If you have a busy schedule and can’t attend every call that comes in for inquiries or for other reasons, employing a helping hand would be a smart choice. The reason and need for it? You will get assistance with appointments, follow-up calls, paperwork, and many other things. Maintaining a well-structured database will be easy and there will be fewer chances of any goof-ups happening.

Hope you found the above physician referral techniques useful. Stay tuned in for such information!

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