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Thanks to the internet, everybody has a voice now. Your patients can talk, take pictures, and interact with you online. They have the power to create a positive or negative buzz about their experiences with you. These patient reviews of doctors influence the decision of potential patients. 

Real patient ratings are important for your business, and you should always respond to them. Answering back to the positive ones is easy. It’s the negative responses that are usually the most difficult to deal with. It not only impacts you personally but impacts your business too. But, you can try minimizing the damage if you know the correct way of patient review management. 

6 Best Tactics – Patient Review Management

Want to know some effective ways to handle negative patient reviews of Doctors? Well, just keep reading and thank us later!

Always Reply Promptly

patient review management

People want quick replies online. Nearly 50% of customers want a response within the first hour of their initial complaint. And approximately 30% of people want an answer within 30 minutes. When patients leave emotional, negative reviews, slow responses can make them feel ignored. It can provoke them and might encourage them to write more negative comments. So, it is really crucial for medical professionals to ensure that they promptly reply and try to get the matter sorted at the earliest.

Give Adequate Explanation 

patient review management

Whenever a patient leaves a negative review, he may be very frantic. You should always explain to the patient the difficulty from your end and what undertakings the hospital has taken to fix the issue. The patient will not only feel important but will immediately cool down. He might delete the rating too. With this way of patient review management, you can minimize the damage and retain the patient too. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Be Polite and Apologies First

real patient ratings

Haven’t you heard about ”The customer is always right?” Even if you disapprove of the patient’s point of view, you should still say sorry. This is the first step to resolve the issue. Do not be rude, do not use foul words even if the patient is using them. If potential patients see that you are rude to old patients, they will change their opinion about your hospital. But if they see you solving the issue politely, they will know that you care. So a smart and right choice will be to hide your real sentiments, and make your replies as respectful as possible. 

Take Negative Reviews Out of the Limelight

patient reviews of doctors
real patient ratings

The best way to deal with negative real patient ratings is in private. Try your level best to shift the conversation from social media to personal messages or email, or a phone call. Do not trigger the angry patient by starting a fight in the comment section. Instead, reply by saying, “We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused. We would like to hear more about this from you to understand the issue better. Please check your messages.”

Follow Up with Negative Reviewers

patient review management

Check with the negative reviewers to ensure that their issue has been dissolved and now that they have no grudges. The patient will know that you value him. This helps in regaining the trust of the patient. You can also request him to take the negative review down. A pleased patient might take it down. 

Remove Fake and Misleading Reviews

real patient ratings

Not all patient reviews of doctors are genuine. Sometimes it can be from a competition or a past employee. It can even be a potential customer who never became an actual customer, trying to take it for whatever reason. These reviews are against most terms of service agreements and can be discarded when reported to the platform.

Remember that every hospital or doctor receives negative reviews. Once you know the correct way of patient review management, you are good to go. This was just a sneak peek of how to handle negative patient reviews of doctors. To know more in detail, our experts are here to your aid.

How can UNV Healthcare help?

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