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When setting out to create a successful digital strategy for your medical practice, you should always be mindful of patient engagement in healthcare industry.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Digital patient engagement in healthcare involves any potential action taken on a site by a visitor instead of leaving the webpage immediately after visiting it. It plays a crucial step in deciding the success of your website. A patient might land on your website through Google or other digital platforms. But to convert him into a potential client, he must stay engaged on the website. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your website experience can be awful. Users can’t find what they’re looking for; hence they get confused. They drop off, or they get bored and go elsewhere. To avoid this, you need a strong patient engagement strategy.

Seems Overwhelming? Relax! We have got you covered. We have jotted down Six easy ways to make your patient engagement strategy robust, so keep reading…..

6 Best Ways to Boost Patient Engagement in Healthcare

digital patient engagement

Engaging users is the first step of the conversion process. You must engage your users before you can convince them to book an appointment with you. Also, having a visitor leave your website within a few seconds will negatively impact your bounce rate. So it is essential to have a good website user engagement. In this blog, we have outlined six proven ways to boost your digital patient engagement effectively. 

Let’s get started!

Optimize Your Site Speed and Responsiveness

 patient engagement strategy

How often do you visit a website which tests your patience level with its slow load time? You surely don’t want to do that with your visitors. Your potential patients will choose someone else over you if your website is not loading quickly. And apart from that, site speed is a crucial Google ranking factor too. 

Hence, if you want to up your digital patient engagement rate, you should optimize your site speed and responsiveness. Here are some ways to increase your site speed:

  • Compress images and files: Reduce the size of your Javascript, HTML, and CSS files to smaller than 150 bytes.
  • Minimize: The use of render-blocking JavaScript
  • Reduce URL redirects: Each time a page redirects to another page on your site, the user faces additional time
  • Optimize images

Include a Chatbox on the Home Page

 patient engagement strategy

The chatbox on the homepage helps the visitors to find answers to their questions immediately. Having a chatbox means your potential patients can solve their queries even after hospital hours. If your visitors can find solutions to their problems on your website, they will feel satisfied. And let’s not forget, a delighted visitor is a likely patient.

Special Tip: If there is no one to handle the chatbox, mention, “Hi, we are not around now, but we would love to talk another time. Please enter your queries directly. Thank you!!

Conduct Quiz, Polls and Surveys

patient engagement in healthcare

Who doesn’t love to participate in online Quiz and Polls? It keeps the attention of the audience and gives them another reason to come back again and again. Many successful brands keep such activities under the name of “Fun Zone” on their website. So go ahead and design online quizzes and polls relevant to your healthcare brand on your website. Publish the results regularly to keep the engagement rate high. It strengthens people’s confidence in your brand, and then they will share the links with others too!

Add Customer Feedback on the Home Page

patient engagement in healthcare

Don’t be shy to show off your success stories. Placing reviews and video testimonials of recovered patients increases your brand’s credibility in people’s minds. Remember, positive customer feedback is social proof of the quality of your service. 

People’s statements in their own words on a company can engage and create trust among the visitors. This is the most uncomplicated patient engagement strategy in the healthcare industry, so don’t skip this at all.

Use a Straightforward Page Structure

patient engagement in healthcare

Once your visual elements are organized in a user-friendly way, it’s time for the content to be corrected. Your drop-downs, page bars, and site navigation should be simple and straightforward. This is not the time to be “Quirky” by using confusing navigation text. Make your navigation as simple as possible. Make sure your contact and address details are easily seen. By doing so, the user will not get confused and have an easy time on your website. This reduces the chances of them dropping off the site.

Share Valuable Information

patient engagement in healthcare

If you are only hard selling and not providing value, why would someone be interested in your healthcare brand? It is imperative to share knowledge on the site. The more you share your experience, the more you will be rewarded. Remember, adding value to your content helps in increasing digital patient engagement. Users will come back to learn new things and share the links with their friends on social media. Ultimately, these visitors become a tribe that markets the website.

Driving more users to a site will remain neutral until the website impresses or engages the audience. We believe in this because the longer a person stays on your website, it is a signal that you are gaining a new customer. More engagement means more conversion rate. Higher conversion means gaining people’s trust and increased sales.

How can UNV Healthcare help?

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