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A patient’s complaint can leave the most skilled and confident doctor feeling upset. But this doesn’t mean that you should not encourage patient’s feedback. Remember, silence is never golden in the Medical industry. The patients who share their negative feedback with you share with you an opportunity to enhance your service. So, keep pushing your patients to write you feedback and focus on patient complaint management.

While you cannot eradicate the complaints, you can deal with them in a way that benefits everyone. Thinking how? Well, we have got you some excellent tips on efficient patient management. Just keep reading!

Successful Ways – Healthcare Complaint Management

It is not possible to make each and everyone happy all the time. Complaints are prevalent within the healthcare field as often as in any other service industry. Dissatisfied patients come with the problem and while you cannot eliminate the issues fully, you can manage them in a way that helps everyone. Follow these amazing tips of patient complaint management that will leave patients feeling satisfied and heard.

Efficient Patient Management System 

efficient patient management

The complaint management system is an excellent way for patient management clinics to analyze patient satisfaction. Accumulating and handling grievances enables hospitals to examine patient satisfaction and enhance the quality of the care provided. Hence, every hospital should have a patient complaint management department. 

This department’s duties would be to accept complaints, collect the essential data, and pass the complaint to the concerned person, who has decision-making authority. Enter the relevant data into a computing database and categorized it after collecting. The right categorization of complaints is fundamental because the analysis of complaints can bring vital information, which can, in turn, improve the quality.

Apologies First

healthcare complaint management

Haven’t you heard about “The customer is always right”? Even if you disapprove of the patient’s point of view, you should still apologize. This will help resolve the issue. Listen to the complaint without letting your emotions come in between. Take into account that this person is a patient; they may not be well or just received an unfortunate diagnosis. So don’t get on the defense instantly. Instead, put yourself in the patient’s shoes and let them know that you understand their frustrations. Empathy is vital when it comes to patient complaint management.

Explain and Follow Up

patient complaint management

When patients leave a complaint, they are usually disappointed and fanatic. So, let them know that their complaint is being taken seriously. It is imperative to show the patients that you care about them. So, take time and explain to them the difficulty on your end. Make them know that you are working on their issue. Tell them about the undertaking the hospital has taken to fix their concern. This will make them feel that they are important. 

After a few days, check with the complainer to ensure that their issue has been dissolved and now that they have no grudges. Thank the complainer for bringing the issue to light. This way, the patients will know that you value them and this tactic will help in regaining the patient’s trust. 

Pro Tip: If a patient has left negative feedback on social media, try your level best to take it out of the limelight. Shift the conversation from social media to personal messages or email or a phone call.

Healthcare complaint management is not an easy job as patient complaints can be uncomfortable and frustrating. So, try to stay optimistic. View complaints as a chance to learn and build upon that to provide a fantastic experience to future patients. Objections are part of working in a medical field and should be expected, so don’t forget to reward yourself after dealing with a complicated matter. These were just some basic tricks for patient complaint management. To know more in detail, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

How can UNV Healthcare Help?

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