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Sometimes getting a new Pharmacist job or starting as a new Pharmacist Consultant can be daunting at the start. Being an Independent Consultant Pharmacist opens a broad spectrum of opportunities to market your skills and build a successful business. Let us learn about what precisely an Independent Consultant Pharmacist does and what benefits can you reap as being one.

What does an Independent Consultant Pharmacist do?

independent consultant pharmacist

A licensed Consultant Pharmacist is a Medication Therapy Management Expert who provides clinical guidance on medication use to patients as well as other Pharmacists in various practice settings. Their duties include:

  • Administering Pharmacy Services
  • Providing Safe and Effective Drug Therapy
  • Providing Advanced Services for different Care Settings
  • Giving ideas for Pharmacy Growth Tips
  • Collaborating with other members of the Healthcare team at the same or different locations
  • Ensuring Compliance with State and Federal Regulations, and so on

Based on the patient’s health history, an independent Consultant Pharmacist performs a medication review regimen. They are expected to evaluate aspects related to safety, benefits, and risks while taking crucial decisions. Their responsibility also includes providing alternate options and handling medication management aspects such as – documentation, administration, storage, etc.

Best Tips for Independent Consultant Pharmacist

tips for consultant pharmacists

Independent Consultant Pharmacists can offer a valuable and often more sustainable alternative to healthcare sectors than hiring a dedicated MTM staff.

If you plan to start your own business, there are few things you need to take care of for beginning on the right foot and growing your venture. So here are a few tips for Consultant Pharmacists that will help you lay a strong foundation for your business.

Let’s dive in and explore!

Improve Your Business Reputation

pharmacy growth tips

As an Independent Consultant Pharmacist, your primary focus should be helping out other Pharmacy stores in your surrounding areas. Do your research and make a list of Pharmacy stores that you can approach. Once you get an opportunity to work with them, you can start by guiding them about their management. Make efforts to help them improve their sales by coming up with excellent pharmacy growth tips. Be their mentor, be their savior.

Remember that your reputation ultimately depends on the quality of service you provide. Building your reputation and gaining the trust of your clients is really essential. Why? Well, when you make your client happy, they will surely refer your service to someone else. This way, you can also be in contact with other medical practitioners, especially busy pharmacies that need a helping hand to provide their clinical services.

Meeting and connecting with new Pharmacists is a way to generate new leads. Make it a practice to hand them your business card and provide precise information about your Independent Consultancy Business. You never know when an opportunity knocks on your door!

Use LinkedIn for Building Connections

tips for consultant pharmacists

Social media is one of the most reliable sources to market your service. The world is getting digitized, so should you. Many Doctors, Pharmacists, and other Medical Practitioners often search online for Consultant Pharmacists. So use social media to your advantage, connect with new people, and find unique opportunities.

LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with other professionals. The more you’ll use it, the more you’ll reap the benefits from it. As an Independent Consultant Pharmacist, you can easily use LinkedIn to connect with Pharmacists, Doctors, and other Consultants. Joining various Medical LinkedIn groups can prove really beneficial over time. You can pitch about your service there and the people who need your service may contact you. Do not forget to participate in discussions in the group over posts where you can give useful information to others and solve their queries.

Regularly posting about your business and the services that you offer as an Independent Consultant on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, etc will not only improve your visibility but also build credibility. Also, these platforms have a larger pool of audience and if used rightly, they can help your business grow by multiple folds.

Build an Appealing and Responsive Website

pharmacy growth tips

A question might arise in your mind – Why would a Pharmacist Consultant need a website? Allow us to clear the air. Running a Consultancy Business or providing Independent Service without a website is a lousy plan. Building a website is crucial for any business. Having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website is more important than ever. Just 6 years ago, clients didn’t care about consulting websites. But now, 80% of them will expect the Consultants to have a website before taking them on board.

Now, since you’ve got an idea of why you should have a website, let us help you with some tips for building a website for your business.

1. Convey Your Value

Your website as a Consultant should project value to your customer. You can do so by writing a short paragraph and explaining uniquely how you can help others.

2. Make it Look Beautiful

A beautiful website always attracts visitors. Keep it simple, straightforward with easy to follow navigation. Use a subtle theme and refrain from choosing loud colors.

3. Keep Your Information On-point

Your content should provide solutions, solve people’s queries, and make them take a step toward Call-to-action.

4. Keep Your Content SEO-friendly

Create your content according to Google algorithms and make it SEO-friendly. Optimize and update your website to be on the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results.)

5. Use it to Build Trust 

By adding relevant content, showcasing your knowledge about the topic, you can build trust among the people who visit your site. Add a link/button for your contact details and social media profiles to make it easier for them to connect and get in touch with you.

6. Use it to Increase Your credibility

Add photos, videos, testimonials, case studies, and logos of the pharmaceutical businesses that you have worked with. This will help in showing your clients how legitimate your business is.

Expand Your Business through Review Websites

pharmacy growth tips

If you wish to be on the Top of the Healthcare Industry as a Consultant, you need to learn the art of satisfying your clients. The most crucial factor for any medical practitioner is their client’s feedback – especially Reviews and Ratings posted on various sites. Also, your overall success depends upon such sites.

Before consulting any Independent Pharmacist, people do thorough research about their past experiences. As per the Customer Review Research data, people visit various websites to find the best Consultant from whom they can seek medical services. The same data also revealed that –

  • 60.8% of people avoid visiting a Consultant based on negative reviews
  • 72% check out the Consultant Rating Sites before making a final decision
  • 69.9% feel that positive reviews are extremely important

After reading the stats for review sites, you would be more interested in taking its full advantage. So, we have listed a few tips for Consultant Pharmacists that will help you ace the review game –

  • Don’t ignore negative comments; in fact, give a response immediately
  • Be polite even if you find the comment offensive or rude
  • Reply to their comment promptly, ideally within 6-24hrs, the earlier the better
  • Try to get rid of all negative comments by solving your patient’s/client’s problems
  • Always ask your regular patient’s/client’s to post a review about your services

Now that you’ve got some amazing ways to collect reviews, it’s time to know of the review sites where you should be active.

Best Review Sites for an Independent Consultant Pharmacist
  • Yelp
  • Healthgrades
  • Vitals
  • Caredash
  • Wellness.com
  • Google My Business
  • ZocDoc
  • RateMDs
  • RealSelf

Types of Independent Consultant Pharmacist Businesses

independent consultant pharmacist

Independent Consultant Pharmacist isn’t just one profession; in fact, it has a broad spectrum. Here is the list of different types of Independent Consultants out there who help other medical businesses –

1. The Implementation Specialist: These Specialists focus more on helping Community Pharmacies that implement sustainable MTM programs. Their focus areas include staff training, organizational training, setting up the system, and automating the MTM process.

2. The Program Improvement Specialist: These Specialists consult with pharmacies to help them improve their existing programs. This could be related to MTM, CPAs, and other clinical services.

3. The Management Consultant: These Specialists closely assist and work with software companies, telehealth companies, diagnostic testing companies, etc.

4. The Physician Clinical Consultant: These Pharmacists are interested in partnering more with physician groups. This collaboration brings personal fulfillment to the independent Consultant Pharmacists and provides valuable services to various Physician Groups.

Benefits of being an Independent Consultant Pharmacist

independent consultant pharmacist
  • Your Work Schedule is Flexible
  • There are increased Career and Business Opportunities
  • Builds skills such as Communication, Problem-solving, Decision-making, and so on.
  • Helps you gain Specialization and Expertise in areas like Geriatrics, Mental Health, MTM, etc
  • Gives you the ability to use Clinical Skills to improve Patients Health and Well-being
  • Enables you to Meet and Work with vital Healthcare Sections, and so on

We hope that the above information has helped you gain some useful insights. If you are still confused and wish to know more, do not hesitate to reach out to our experts. They are always here to your aid.

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