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Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

Have you ever questioned the importance of Social Media in Healthcare?

More and more people are dependent on social media for healthcare news and resources in this new era. Today, the idea of following doctors on Facebook is typical. Social media and healthcare go hand-in-hand. When Social media matters across all the industries, then why should healthcare be avoided right? 

Since more people are engaged on social media, the medical field has now understood the importance of social media in healthcare and has started incorporating such practices. Healthcare organizations have seriously started examining the role of social media in the patient-physician relationship. Leaders in public health have begun realizing that a comprehensive healthcare brand can be built with the help of social media marketing. 

Further, let’s see what is the importance of Social Media in Healthcare and how you can leverage these platforms to take your healthcare brand to the next level!

Why Care About the Importance of Social Media in Healthcare? 

Many of the benefits come with effective communication with potential patients and care plans through healthcare social media marketing. The importance of social media in healthcare is visible in many ways of using it. These ways include encouraging patient engagement, promoting awareness, sharing accurate health messages, and so on. But it can be hard to know how to navigate the complications that social media brings in healthcare. For things to fall in place, organizations must coordinate internally to integrate information received from social media effectively. This will help them connect with their patients in a meaningful way to provide trust and value. 

You can also reach a larger audience with robust healthcare social media marketing strategies and attract more people looking to get medical advice. 

Just for you, here are some points that will help you understand in detail why social media and healthcare are a powerful combination. Let’s dive in without further ado!

Raises Awareness

Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

Social media has always been a key to increase public awareness about emerging, new, and annual health issues. It facilitates raising awareness in a way that is as simple as reminding followers about the basic sense of health practices. 

When the world around is changing fast, social media is the key that ensures that the public is aware of the latest medical guidelines, issues, and advisories. One of the ways of sharing information is to share them directly through your social posts. Another way is to use social media to direct followers to credible sources of the latest news. 

Combat Misleading Information

Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

Social media, due to its very nature, helps spread information quickly to distinct groups of people. That’s great when the information shared is helpful, clear, and fact-based. But unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation on social platforms. At times, this misinformation comes in the form of false statements and they are easily ridiculed. 

You can cite published research from a credible health resource like the CDC or WHO. But sometimes, the creators of misinformation may use a reputable institution to give credibility to their statements. Then, the institution needs to clarify that they are not the source.

Social media offers institutions a platform to generate statements to stop the masses from believing false facts. So, make your healthcare brand a platform where you share useful information with your followers and stay away from spreading misinformation. More detailed research can help you identify the true facts. 

The more the research, the better!

Crisis News

social media and healthcare

More and more people have begun relying on social media to get news rather than from newspapers. Remember – The world is getting digitized! 

This makes social media a key place to share hot information. At times of pandemic, people often turn to health officials for the latest instructions and information. The medical health officers can use social media to communicate official updates, status, and restrictions during the times of crisis. 

A reliable and consistent source is crucial for everyone in times of crisis. Live videos also serve as a useful way for those who don’t have access to Local TV Channels to obtain announcements in real-time. 

Answer Common Questions 

social media and healthcare

Health organizations and authorities working in the healthcare sector are valuable for all kinds of health concerns. Social media tools offer a creative way for healthcare professionals to address common issues. 

For example, the government of India has developed a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. It allows answering questions, directing citizens to the right source, and countering misinformation. 

Public Health Tracking

Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

These days, people post almost everything online, including their health. Hashtags related to various diseases keep coming in new locations to create more and more awareness. Social media offers benefits over traditional data sources. These advantages include ease of access, time and data availability, reduced cost, and so on. It allows its users to ask and answer questions that we never thought were possible 20 years ago.

HealthMap is an initiative by the team of Boston Children Hospital. It monitors public health threats through data points, including crowdsourcing. 

Brings Citizen Engagement

healthcare social media marketing

Healthcare issues are tricky to talk about, at times, even with doctors. That’s true for topics that are very personal and are seen as embarrassment. People hesitate to open up thinking they will have to face the repercussions from society. They end up suffering and fear to address the issue openly. This can come in the way of effective caregiving. 

Campaigns like ASHA promoted STD testing as a normal part of caring for young people for their own health. For this, they created medical social media marketing campaigns. Their main element was a social video. 

We believe that by now you would have understood that social media platforms can be a source of expanding the horizons of your healthcare brand. To know more about the importance of social media in healthcare, do not hesitate to reach out to us! UNV Healthcare is always here to your aid.

How can UNV Healthcare help? 

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