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The Hospital Database Information system has all kinds of comprehensive and integrated information about a hospital. Management software plays a critical role in the healthcare sector in today’s time. In the world of upgraded technology, it becomes essential for every hospital to utilize such systems. Why? Because they help you keep track of daily activities and sort and store important data appropriately. Another feather to the cap is that it can be used at administrative, legal as well as service processing levels.

There are many benefits of using Hospital Management Softwares like –

  • Minimal paperwork
  • Easy access to records
  • Successful billing of different services
  • No record duplication
  • Reduced documentation
  • Rapid access to information across various departments
  • Enhanced cost control, and so on.

While every sector is upgrading to move towards success at a rapid pace, why should the healthcare sector be behind! In this blog, let’s have a look at the best software that you can use at ease for maintaining Hospital Records Database.

4 Best Softwares to Manage Hospital Database Information

If you are looking to maintain a Hospital Record Database, using industry-level softwares will be a smart choice. These software are designed to help you manage and control the hospital’s day-to-day functions in a well-organized manner. From medical, legal, administrative, to service-oriented functionalities, every element can be dealt with using niche or free Hospital Management Softwares.

Let’s dive in and understand things better!

SoftClinic HIS

hospital database information

A product by JVS Group – SoftClinics System Software has been widely used in hospitals for advanced paperless work for a long time now. Currently, over 17000 doctors across countries in India and abroad are using it. The functionalities allow different types of physicians to manage their databases seamlessly without a hitch.

Physicians, Dentists, Pediatrics, Ophthalmologists, and others can easily use this software in all kinds of hospitals and clinics. The system is cheap and relatively fast. It provides prescriptions in regional language within 60 seconds. Detailed demographics and clinical data analysis are some of the features it offers.

The prime advantages of using this software are – SMS facility and two-way synchronization. It can promptly restore the backup with multi-user and LAN compatibility. This software has other features like –

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Patient Registration
  • Clinical Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Indoor Management
  • Accounting
  • Data Analysis, and so on


hospital records database

There are significant benefits of using Hospital Management Softwares that incorporate FSN Analysis, Purchase Management Activities, Sales Bill, MIS, etc. MoCDoc Hospital Management Software is the ultimate solution for all kinds of hospitals – Small to multi-chain, that wish to have a completely integrated management system. MocDoc HMS has more than 3100000+ hospital records database which manages about 2600000+ reports and 5500000+ prescriptions.

For OP, this software includes functionalities like prescriptions, appointments, billing, and more. Also, it offers a hassle-free way for visual bed management, integrated IP billing, ward request, insurance management, and so on.

This software also has features like –

  • Generation of Custom Reports
  • Email Reports
  • Smart Notifications
  • Order Management
  • Invoice Generation, and more.

Practo’s Insta HMS

hospital database information

EHR is an electronic version of patient medical history. Having a web-based EHR comes in handy in multi-specialty hospitals. Insta HMS is apt in maintaining –

  • Patient’s Medical History
  • Examination Reports
  • Maintaining Records
  • Ongoing Treatments, etc.

This software also keeps track of –

  • Drug Stores
  • Staff Details
  • Surgery Details
  • Admissions
  • Discharges, and so on

It just doesn’t keep track of patients but also of the staff members, who join and leave the hospital or clinic from time to time. Additionally, you can also print bills, get physician ratings, and know your annual turnover. Isn’t that great!

MedStar Health

hospital database information

Medstar is a power-packed hospital record database and management system with over 50 premium modules and many unique functions. It is one of the top hospital management systems with a customer EHR facility. Why? Because it gives a comprehensive view of a patient’s health and is not just based on a database in the office.

Using this software, sharing patient’s details with other health care providers and organizations such as pharmacies, laboratories gets super easy. MedStar has been developed using advanced technology and is compatible with all mobile devices.

This was just a sneak-peek of the useful Hospital Management Systems for managing your hospital records database effortlessly. Hope you found the above information useful. To know more about such systems and to get an idea about how you can manage hospital database information smoothly, contact us today.

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