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Today, nearly most healthcare businesses with a marketing strategy acknowledge the importance of patient reviews to build brand trust and credibility. For any business, trust is the key component for maintaining a robust online reputation. You may also have some healthcare products to offer, reviews matter for that as well. All of this makes it crucial for you to have a Reputation Management team to collect positive healthcare product reviews pertaining to your practice.

Your imperative need for reviews can also be fulfilled by your patients and other people who use your products. How? Well, in today’s time, customers have a powerful influence and can help you maintain your credibility in the market out there. Such strategies are effective and are being adopted by many healthcare businesses. Some of them are even ready to pay for an automated healthcare review service. By now you would have got an idea of how important the reviews are!

At the end of the article, we have a useful piece of information just for you. You will understand its importance once you read throughout. So, keep reading to explore more about how you can get positive healthcare product reviews. 

Best Ways to Get More Healthcare Product Reviews

Who wouldn’t want to stay on top of online Healthcare Product Reviews? The first step to that ladder of success is to maintain a robust reputation online. This will help you ace your review game. Definitely, to see such results, it takes a lot of effort which you may not be able to handle on your own. Just for you, we have listed some best tips that will help you take your review game to the next level.

Dive in to know how to obtain more positive reviews for your healthcare products!

Deal with Negative Reviews 

health product customer reviews

It isn’t hard to find online reviews on modern search engines. Building your healthcare business reputation requires lots of dedication, commitment along with a proactive reach. It’s obvious to get negative reviews for your products with positive ones. Learn to use negative comments to your advantage.

Yes, it’s negative! So what? You can’t just ignore and make it go away. Make sure to respond to the negative reviews, especially when they highlight a genuine complaint. Use such opportunities to learn from your mistakes and turn the game around.

Make Use of Google My Business (GMB)

healthcare product reviews

Do you have your healthcare business account on Google My Business? If not, today will be the right time to make one! The benefits that come along will definitely make a difference. GMB offers you a free platform to showcase your Products and Services. By optimizing your GMB account you can rank on Google and attract more people and let them know what all you have in the store to offer.

Make sure that you follow up with the reviews here by saying “Thanks” with a small note. This way, you can create a bond with your customers or patients. Use these excellent comments for posting on social media, show off the goodness of your healthcare business, and get more healthcare product reviews.

Conduct Contests and Provide Offers

health product customer reviews

With a bit of help from existing customers (in the form of reviews,) many gates open to market your healthcare products. Organizing contests can make your customers active on your feed by keeping it all simple. Ask customers to tag you by adding hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Many Healthcare companies regularly run contests on their pages by posting images, videos, etc. It’s no big deal, you can do the same! 

Besides running a contest on your feed, don’t forget to add offers. These offers can be about providing every patient a 10% off coupon for giving a review (just an example.) However, it totally depends on your requirements and goals that what discounts will be provided. People like offers and why not take advantage of such simple things and build a stronger healthcare brand!

Use Follow-up Emails

healthcare product reviews

Consider sending a Follow-up email separately to patients in a day or two after their visit. The subject matter can revolve around topics like – Thanking your patients, including reminders of their last session and also about the next visit. By doing so, you are most likely to get a positive review when they visit your website. The same can be done with patients who use your healthcare products.

You also need to provide a link for gathering the feedback. Adding a text like “For any query, please leave feedback here, and we can help you in solving your issue” is a smart choice. Ensure that putting a review for your healthcare products is a simple process as a complex one may agitate people.

Such follow-ups help you understand what improvements need to be made from your end. The whole idea of doing so much is to build trust and retain your patients. These patients may also use your products in the future. So, keeping them satisfied and letting them stay truthful about how they feel about your services and products will benefit both of you in the long run.

Manage Reviews for Every Location

healthcare product reviews

We know that it is most likely the most challenging task to achieve, while it is easy to say. You may feel exhaustive to acquire excellent and valid product reviews for not only one, but for multiple locations where your healthcare business is.

To better reach the local residents or people who conduct “Near me” searches, your business branches should be generating enough health product customer reviews to make you seem genuine. With an effective plan, the chances of your products being on the top in local search results will increase. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Today, positive review signals come as important as link signals in local search. If you’re ignoring reviews, each of your locations may suffer notably in local search visibility. Review responses are now more constitutional to consumer’s trust and their willingness to be loyal towards your business.

Multi-location healthcare organizations now have started an added mission of defining a robust review generation and manageable response plan. Today, it’s really important for healthcare providers to learn to take advantage of user review datasets and up their game. The right time to begin with taking such efforts is now. 

Best Reviews Sites in 2021 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, positive or negative reviews of your healthcare practice and products are visible out there. Now patients do thorough research by reading comments about the services or products they wish to use. Hence, you must ensure that your reviews are updated/verified, accurate, and implicated as part of your healthcare business feedback. 

Beginning with online reviews can be tricky, especially when you want only positive experiences to turn into reviews. To help you get started, we’ve listed the top 8 free healthcare sites that you should be checking for reviews.

healthcare product reviews
  1. HealthGrades
  2. Doctor.com
  3. Wellness.com
  4. Rate MDs
  5. Vitals
  6. Google My Business
  7. Yelp
  8. Facebook

At times where people trust the information that is present online, make sure that your products shine with positive reviews. If all of this sounds overwhelming for you to accomplish because of your busy schedule, we would recommend putting your burden on our shoulders. We have got your back and always here to help you get more positive healthcare product reviews.

How can UNV Healthcare help?

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency for Healthcare Product Reviews

UNV Healthcare is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency specialized in providing services to the Healthcare sector. We have served our esteemed clients nationally and internationally for around a decade now. Having worked on countless projects, we have maintained an unparalleled track record of delivering quality premium services and taken various healthcare brands to the next level. 

Our team of experts has never missed delivering the desired results and gave brands a remarkable experience. Our team’s dedication and expertise will help you build a pool of positive reviews for both – Your Products and Services. 

Get in touch with us today if you wish to build your healthcare product reviews or if you need any assistance on the digital marketing front!

For more information on how to get health product customer reviews for your healthcare business, click here for a quick read.

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