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Customer Referrals are often given less value, but is it true at all? We find something more appealing when we get to know about it from someone who has tried it already. The same applies to the Healthcare sector as well. Healthcare Marketing Tips on how to increase patient referral provide a more solid platform to boost your word of mouth advertising. Want to know how? Well, let’s discover the answer inside.

Why it is Beneficial to Know “How to Increase Patient Referral

Healthcare Marketing Tips are required to gain insights on how to convert your existing patient into a profitable resource. Referral Marketing costs you tiny, as opposed to the cost of advertising your practice. Referrals from the existing patients also have other benefits to add to your Healthcare branding strategies besides just being a cheaper route. According to reports, Social Media drove 31% of overall potential traffic to sites. Physicians benefit from patient referrals, as the patient assumes familiarity with their business. 

There are many underutilized Healthcare branding strategies to help you create and maintain a better Doctor/Patient relationship. Let’s explore the various Healthcare Marketing Tips to increase new patient referrals. 

Healthcare Marketing Tips – Top 5 Ways on How to Increase Patient Referral

Ask Your Patients for Referrals

how to increase patient referral

Rule one is to ask your patients straight through direct and indirect talks with them. Brochures or Signs are helpful tools to make a real difference. All you can add is something like, “We Appreciate You Referring Us to Your Family and Friends,” i.e., keeping it short and sincere. However, one of the safest means is to express your gratitude to individuals sincerely by indicating that you would love to have them again. Not asking would be a costly blunder and a golden opportunity lost. 

Focus on Your Website and Content Marketing Strategies

healthcare branding strategies

It is time to address the strategies to approach your audience in the right way to attract them. If you don’t have a website, you need to possess one. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach to create and distribute relevant, valuable, and consistent content and drive profitable customer actions. Therefore, to perform all these tasks effectively, a website is a must. A blog filled with necessary and irresistible information is crucial for answering your patient’s queries. 

The following factors are essential for your Content Marketing Strategies to attract New Patients:

  • Have a well-optimized Website to help your customers easily find it on Search Engines
  • Publish helpful and relevant Content to draw users
  • Have Social Sharing Buttons on your Blogs to enable users to share them from desktops and mobiles easily

Host Events to Get Patient Referral

how to increase patient referral

Hosting events for your practice to invite patient referrals is a smart choice. Here is the list of some event ideas to turn the wheels in your favor: 

  • Seminars or Discussions on any Hot Topic (New service, weight loss, vaccines, etc.)
  • Patient Appreciation Day
  • Introducing the Latest Healthcare Provider to the Community

When you host events, it is equally important to advertise them. One of the most productive ways is to share the event on social media, along with an attractive graphic, of course. 

Moreover, you can offer prizes, discounts, food, etc., to get people to show up with a family member or a friend. You can even adopt promotional items like tee shirts or pens as a form of advertising. Making your events enjoyable for people can bring dozens of referrals with much little work. These were just some ideas, however; feel free to do things your way!

Cross-Promote with a Local Nonprofit 

healthcare marketing tips

Raising funds, along with nonprofit organizations, can not only be a good source of referrals but can even build your brand name. Partnering with a bigger organization helps you absorb some of their reputations and, in turn, increase your brand assets. For such joint advertisement campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are unavoidable platforms. Also, when the nonprofit members know you are supporting them, you can build enormous goodwill. 

Make Use of Email Marketing

healthcare branding strategies

Email Marketing is the Best Digital Marketing Platform for Healthcare Providers to construct a long-lasting connection with their Patients. Emails are proven to be very beneficial and cost-effective to keep your practice in your patient’s minds. Reports suggest that patients engage more actively and take time to open and read these emails. You can include a statement in your Email Newsletters to display that you welcome new referrals. You can even offer some incentives for your patients who refer your name to new people. 

How can UNV Healthcare help?

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency

UNV Healthcare is an experienced Agency in the field of Healthcare Marketing. Our Professionals can help you make a mental shift in your approach to developing a Patient-centric Strategy for your Practice. With the ever-changing face of Healthcare Systems, Healthcare Providers need to embrace Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we can help you with greater patient engagement, customer satisfaction, better patient care, etc.

Also, our experts can be your guide and come up with the best healthcare marketing tips for you to keep up with the latest trends and be a step ahead of your competitors. To harness the power of a Digital World to create a Vibrant, Engaging Patient Community, contact one of our experts today.  

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