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Facebook is the biggest social networking site globally, with more than 2 billion people using it every month. On average, a user spends approximately 50 minutes per day on this platform. This makes Facebook an enormous place to reach potential patients. Facebook Ads for healthcare are an incredible way for doctors to reach targeted patients.

However, we see organizations making expensive mistakes to produce Ads with high costs per conversion. This happens due to a lack of expertise in creating and implementing the advertisement. It is crucial to research the right way or outline your Ad goals in a targeted manner.

Sounds overwhelming? Do not worry, and we have got your back. We are a leading Facebook Online Advertising Agency and we have jotted down a few proven tips for developing successful Facebook Ads for healthcare. So, keep reading! 

5 Best Tips – Creating Successful Facebook Ads for Healthcare Industry

As per the recent research, 2.6 billion people are using this social media platform every month. And we think that this number is an incredible opportunity for your healthcare practice to reach newer heights. With such a vast audience size, Facebook is a dream come true for healthcare professionals. Targeted Facebook Ads for healthcare can attract new patients, boost income, and help your medical practice grow faster than you ever thought possible before.

Let’s learn about some amazing tips for creating Facebook Ads for Healthcare Industry without further ado!

Understanding the Stages of Awareness 

Facebook ads for doctors

Healthcare decisions are personal and require a lot of research for the potential patients to come up with a decision. Hence it is crucial to understand the stages of awareness so that an effective Ad is made. You can follow the below-mentioned approach:

  • Advertisement for the Unaware: For people who have never learned about your practice.
  • Ads for the Problem‑Aware: For people who know that they have a problem but are clueless, your practice can solve it.
  • Advertisement for the Solution-Aware: For those who understand they have a problem and are exploring treatments.
  • For the Product‑Aware: This is where the doctors, services, technologies, and infrastructure comes in the frame, which sets your hospital apart.

Specify Your Goals

Facebook ads for healthcare

Before investing your money in Healthcare Advertising on Facebook, you need to decide your Ad’s objectives. Facebook Advertising offers numerous layouts for your advertisement, and your goals can help you select the accurate one.

For Facebook Ads for Doctors, common Goals may be :

  • Drive Traffic to your Website
  • Increase Appointment
  • Become an Authority in your Niche 
  • Grow your Facebook Audience 

Do Your Research

Facebook ads for doctors

It’s crucial to modify your Ads for your audience. It would be best to research targeted keywords and the actual questions that people have searched for when they saw your advertisement. Then, these should be compared against those who made interaction with your site. Ads should then target those who made related interactions. With this, you’ll be more apt to uncover an audience who has engaged with your website. Hence you are more likely to get a higher conversion rate.

Maximize Engagement with an Offer

Facebook ads for healthcare

A Facebook Ad, which offers “Get a Free Consultation,” gets you an email and phone number lead, which you can add to your email list. It also enables you to understand a client’s interest, from which you can then assess demand for a service. Ebooks and free Webinars don’t work that effectively. Most of the time they end up in the spam or social inbox.

Keep Mobile in Mind

Facebook Online Advertising Company

96% of active Facebook users access the network via a tablet or phone. Facebook is available via mobile and computer, so your Ads will be automatically formatted for the smartphone screen. Hence it would be best if you made consideration to serve smartphone users in a better way. So, if you’re using video for Ads, you should keep them for about 15 seconds. For a similar purpose, you should keep your advertising content reasonably tight. Users browsing on their phones may not stop reading a lot of text.

Facebook allows for some of the best targetings by using specific demographics, custom lists, and remarketing techniques. Facebook Ads for doctors have various Campaigns and Ad formats to fulfill your marketing goals and engage hospital prospects at any awareness stage.

If you have a busy schedule and all of this seems overwhelming, seeking help from an experienced Facebook Online Advertising Company will be a smart choice.

How can UNV Healthcare help?

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency for Facebook Ads for healthcare

UNV Healthcare is a top-tier Facebook Online Advertising Company with around a decade of experience. We have our client base in India, the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Our team of professionals can assist you to enhance your Facebook Marketing Strategies and take your healthcare brand to the next level.

We offer other Digital Marketing services like 2D and 3D Animation, Web Development, Content Creation, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Influencer Marketing, just to name a few. Our team of experts can compare and analyze your medical practice growth with best practices and find opportunities to help you improve.

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