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Face to face medical sales

As telecommunication rapidly evolves, the different ways to communicate have become endless. Communication via telephone, email, mobile phone, social media platforms, applications are integral to work-life today. Wondering how crucial is face to face medical sales interactions in the healthcare industry? Let us tell you that they are extremely important! Many of you would agree that face to face medical sales is an excellent way of building, nurturing, and protecting relationships with other healthcare professionals and organizations.

Some of you may say that your sales team’s everyday task is to achieve the targets via calls and emails. But, some researchers indicate the best relationships with prospects/clients are built with in-person interaction and not the other way around. For them, face to face interaction with doctors, hospitals, procurement teams, etc is essential to succeed in their job.

Face to Face Medical Sales – Importance and Advantages

Considering the importance of healthcare sales, we would like to bring to your notice that relationship building via face to face interactions adds immense value to your sales process. A simple conversation with the purchasing department or a new physician can help your sales team reveal the areas that need improvement and solutions. Also, face to face medical sales help your team eliminate the concerns of the healthcare professionals before they make a big purchase.

Hopefully, by now you have understood the value of face to face interactions and the importance of healthcare sales. Allow us to put more light on what else you can gain from the personal interactions and how it can help your sales team build a strong rapport with other healthcare professionals and organizations.

Let’s get started without further delay!

Building Trust

Face to face medical sales

Yes, virtual communication indeed saves a lot of time, however, face-to-face medical sales meetings help your team establish and build a sense of trust in real-time. You would agree that communicating on the phone, email, etc., makes it tough to crack the deal due to a lack of genuineness factor and other such aspects.

Having a face to face meeting helps to build trust in the relationship as there is a sense of being heard. This rapport can not be felt over email or phone and this will not add to your credibility. Thus, a face to face meeting inspires and energizes a positive emotional environment between the two parties.

According to James Borg – An Authority on Body Language – “Humans communicate 93% in body language and paralinguistic cues while the remaining 7% consist of words. Your body speaks louder than your words, by making them feel positive, you can build more trust with your clients or customers.” That says a lot, and when such words come from the experts, only a fool wouldn’t believe it!

Engaging Clients and Creating a Win-win Scenario 

importance of healthcare sales

Some of you may feel that the companies who spend their budget over traveling to meet their clients are not making a smart decision. You must be of the opinion that when a conversation can happen virtually, why waste time, money, and effort otherwise. However, did you know that meeting clients makes a positive impression on your healthcare brand?

Wondering how? Well, the answer is straightforward, when you do so, they feel that they’re worth your time and money, and not vice versa. This makes sure that you will get their 100% attention and this gives you a better chance of closing the deal faster.

A leader always understands that communication is the key factor to building stronger relationships with people. According to some expert healthcare professionals, talking 10 minutes in person is a better option than 30 minutes of exchanging information via text/call. When nonverbal cues are on display in actual conversation, it amplifies the conversation and enhances better communication. If such are the benefits of face to face interactions, who wouldn’t want to take the maximum advantage of it!

Getting Referrals

importance of healthcare sales

When you are a part of the sales team in the Healthcare Industry, satisfying your existing client’s needs can unlock many perks. So, be their savior! How? Well, understand your client’s queries, be a solution to their problem, provide high-quality products, and satisfy their needs. And we promise you; your clients will help you get more prospects.

Referral practices are beneficial in spreading word of mouth. Medical practitioners are typically happy to share referrals to their colleagues, community, and other people in their network if you provide quality services. The more referrals, the better! Your mindset should not just be to keep the existing clients happy, instead; it should be to acquire more of them over time. With such thoughts and your efforts, you will keep climbing the ladder of success.

Aid to Avoiding Miscommunication

Face to face medical sales

Do you think machines can be 100% accurate? Many of you will say that advanced technologies can provide high accuracy. But how effective is it for the online medical sales process? The truth is – Relying entirely on virtual meetings with your clients will leave room for errors.

While you are connected online with medical professionals or the medical procurement team, there are chances that your weak internet connection may break the flow in a meeting, and this may leave people confused. Also, in this process, you may miss out on highlighting a few things that may be important. Even, the other person might not pay 100% attention to what you say because it may get difficult for them to be on the screen for long.

On the contrary, meeting in person removes many barriers between medical sales representatives, professionals, and healthcare organizations. When you are in the same room, you get a chance to connect with your client emotionally and can provide undivided attention. You can show and talk about the products in real-time and explain it’s benefits and make your excellent sales move. Also, solving their queries by answering the questions becomes more feasible and convenient. In this way, you can communicate information clearly without any confusion and increase the chances of cracking a deal.

These were just some basic aspects that you need to take care of. However, there is a lot that can be done. You can contact one of our experts for further guidance. Well, now it’s time to know some useful techniques, keep reading!

Simple Face to Face Medical Sales Techniques

Face to face medical sales

The one thing you need to let your sales team know that they are not just selling a product or service; instead, they are selling your brand. Selling is an art and when they master it, no one can stop them. To begin with, the basics, we have jotted some basic techniques that can help your sales team get the job done more professionally:

  • Whenever they are scheduling an appointment, they need to ensure to arrive on time, in fact, every time.
  • Almost every client will observe their behavior, body language, and desperation to sell. So they should make sure that their interaction is professional and up to the point.
  • It’s not recommended to always talk about selling when they meet their clients/customers.
  • Train them to not just start talking about your product or service. (for example, they can start by asking the other person about their day first.)
  • They should seem genuine, inspiring, motivated, persistent, and presentable.
  • Ask them to be prepared well in advance to answer the questions asked about the products/services that your healthcare brand has to offer.

Hope you found the above information for face to face medical sales useful. To read more about such topics, stay tuned with us until the next time!

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