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As a healthcare business, you know that keeping up with digital transformation in healthcare can be overwhelming. Digital transformation in healthcare requires selecting the emerging technologies worth investing in, which is often the hardest part. It means letting go of old business processes and adopting healthcare technology trends. That is, adapting to the digital era demands a shift towards a flexible and risk-taking mindset. 

This innovation game leads to optimized systems, improved patient outcomes, reduced human errors, and lowered costs through web and mobile experience. But, unfortunately, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are lagging in implementing digital strategies. A recent survey showed that only 7% of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies had gone digital so far, compared to 15% of companies in other industries. This indicates that it is high time for the healthcare industry to embrace the digital revolution.

Also, this evolving industry has its trend all set to continue for years to come. These trends serve as a navigator for the medical sector, implying where it is headed and help in discarding the troublesome technologies. These trends additionally help industry executives understand their patient’s wants and modernize their business models to meet them. Want to know about digital transformation in healthcare in detail? Keep reading!

Digital Transformation in Healthcare – Healthcare Technology Trends

digital transformation in healthcare

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a time where almost every activity of our lives is becoming digital. And while many hope for a return of pre-pandemic time in the medical industry, the “New Normal” is not going anywhere. We will definitely witness more core development in the digital health sector. And when this happens, healthcare providers will need to demonstrate how they will contribute to improving the healthcare services in quality, access, and efficiency.

Digital transformation in healthcare is the positive influence of technology to evolve the future of healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Telemedicine enabled medical devices, and Blockchain health records are some concrete examples of digital transformation in healthcare. They are completely reshaping the future of healthcare and the ways people interact with health professionals. These advanced technologies are also changing how decisions are made about treatment plans and health outcomes.  

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry as there is still ample time for you to get well-versed with digital technology and use it to bring more business to you. For this to happen, you need a larger picture of the contemporary healthcare landscape. So, let’s dive in and explore!

The Surge of On-Demand Healthcare

future of healthcare

The healthcare sector is entering an era of digital innovation. The patients are seeking on-demand healthcare services due to their busy schedules. Moreover, more than 50% of people browse online with their mobile devices. When you are doing content marketing, it is crucial to identify how your targeted consumers gather data and reach them on those platforms, i.e., mobile phones. 

Also, when 4 billion people are on the internet, the possibilities that the digital transformation in healthcare has to offer cannot be neglected. It is necessary for medical professionals to know that consumers go online to get medical information for various reasons. The following statistics will provide strong proof –

  • 38% of searches online constitute medical facilities and hospitals 
  • 47% searches are for doctors
  • 77% of people book medical appointments online

The Value of Big Data in Healthcare 

healthcare technology trends

Big data sums up information about a particular business through social media, online transactions, e-Commerce, and financial transactions and identifies future trends. It has several notable benefits for the healthcare industry to offer – 

  • Lesser Medication Errors: Patient record analysis through software flags inconsistencies, and provides alerts to healthcare professionals and patients. Hence, eliminating any potential risk or any medication error.
  • Facilitate Preventive Care: Big data analysis can identify your recurring patients to help you create preventive plans and keep them from returning. 

Blockchain Technology

digital transformation in healthcare

Blockchain is a technique that allows data to be stored worldwide on thousands of servers. Here, anyone on the network can see everyone else’s admissions in real-time. In simple words, blockchain is a permanent digital document that cannot be changed.

Blockchain can build a single system for storing and always updating health records for secure and immediate recovery by authorized users. By preventing miscommunication between various healthcare experts in treating the same patient, numerous mistakes can be staved off. Faster diagnosis and interventions become feasible, and care can be personalized to each patient.

The same data on the blockchain allows patients to effortlessly open and share their medical history with another healthcare provider through a shareable private key. This helps when a patient changes the doctor. Hence, the new doctor can see all the old reading of the patient and take the treatment forward. 

The Marvels of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

digital health transformation

AI is an epitome of medical discovery, and the healthcare ministry players are eager to invest in it in millions. By 2025, the healthcare AI-powered tools market is assumed to exceed $34 billion, i.e., technology will be present in almost all the facets of the industry. 

Virtual Health Assistants and Chatbots are AI-based technologies that are becoming familiar to patients. Chatbots can fulfill multiple roles from a customer service representative to diagnostic tools and therapists. AI’s real power is observed in areas like medical imaging, drug discovery, precision medicine, and genomics. Moreover, it is predicted that AI can cut early drug discovery by four years and can generate cost savings of 60%. 

These figures solely should be enough to persuade you about the rising importance of health organizations and the need to adopt the digital transformation in healthcare.


digital transformation in healthcare

Telemedicine allows health care experts to assess, analyze and treat patients from a distance using telecommunications technology. This process has been through a remarkable evolution in the last few years and is becoming increasingly crucial after the pandemic. Today. Healthcare providers are communicating with patients using webcams, phones, emails, and so on. No one could have imagined this being possible 20 years ago.

One of telemedicine’s most substantial advantages is increasing healthcare access for patients in remote areas, where admission is usually curbed. Similarly, patients with mobility challenges and physical disabilities can also use this technology to consult healthcare providers.

The telemedicine trend is growing every day as most patients are comfortable with it. Hence, this technology has a shining future.

Wearable Healthcare Technology

healthcare technology trends

Another strong trend in digital health transformation is “Wearables”. Gadgets like Smartwatches and Fitbit’s built to collect the data of user’s fitness and health are called Healthcare Wearables. This technology has sewed itself into society, and the future of these devices is already on the rise. 

Wearables help collect data that can signal health problems before people can sense them, assuring instantaneous response and more comprehensive diagnosis. The wearable technology industry has tripled in the last four years due to the increasing demand of buyers to regulate their health. According to Business Insider Intelligence research, more than 80% of buyers are inclined to wear health technology. This trend is going to stay for long and will keep evolving according to the needs of humans.

Predictive Healthcare

future of healthcare

Today, digital presence in healthcare predicts what diseases and illnesses will become major problems in the future. Data aggregated through marketing sources can help businesses develop a healthy lifestyle for patients. 

For example, an analyst could help you develop a predictive model to anticipate the next big health scare and the ways your company could adopt to prepare for that event. It can even help you determine when to hire temporary staff due to impending outbreaks of flu, and so on. 

Accurate Staffing

healthcare technology trends

Data analysis can help clinics facilitate proper staff allocation to deal with patients. This can help save money and reduce emergency room waits at times when staff is less. All this requires an investment in analytics experts that can help you crunch data. 

This also allows companies to identify areas of weakness and provide a better understanding of their market. A better grasp of the market leads to easier identification of your ideal consumers for your healthcare marketing and sales. 

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly adopting some of the most exhilarating digital health transformations, and those who fail to integrate such technologies will be left behind. Only a fool would miss out on such an amazing opportunity of experiencing all that the digital world is about. Well, we assume that no one would want that. So a smart choice is to pick up the pace and win the race!

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