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The internet has brought all things to our fingertips, from purchasing outfits to searching for a dentist nearby. While choosing a product or a service online, people check what other existing patients say about your product/service. Hence today, understanding the significance of Dentist Review Management (patient reviews) is essential. The factual data also implies that reviews can impact the revenue and in turn your business (medical practice). Can’t believe it? Well, have a look at a statistic below.

Around 87% of people read reviews for local businesses before making a decision in 2021. Yes, you’ve read that right. We know that this number is high. Also, we assume that after learning this statistic, you would want to know more about Dentist Review Management, isn’t it? Well, let us be your guide. Keep reading to explore more!

How Dentist Review Management Impact Revenue

dentist review management

Revenue is directly connected to the number of patients that come into your dental practice. Patients often use online ratings and reviews to choose between you and other doctors. 

Reviews are a means of reputation management, and there is a direct relation between reputation and revenue in dentistry. Online review management for Dentists has proved to be the most profitable form of marketing. Always remember, a genuine review from a happy patient gives your practice validation, as the review doesn’t entail any money. Hence, Online Review Management for Dentists builds their image, credibility, and trust, ultimately boosts the revenue as well.

Imagine if you are a new patient and you have two Dentists to decide from. How will you choose? Won’t you rely on the reviews that other patients have posted? Well, that’s the power of dentist rating management. Now that you know the power let us learn how to keep up with your Dentist Review Management and boost your revenue.

 Post on Social Media

online review management for dentists

If you’ve built a following on social media, this is a great room to ask people to review you. If people are already scrolling through your social media, they might also have time to leave a review. Here, making posts of the patient reviews (who have received treatment from you) is a great way to remind people about leaving reviews. It serves as a trust signal and will further help in strengthening the relationships with your current and future patients.

 Run an Email Campaign

dentist rating management

An email campaign is a beautiful way to get patients to review your services, and this strategy is used by big healthcare organizations too. Inviting people to review your Dental Service via email is relatively inexpensive and easy to automate. Also, it seems more professional.

Reward the Reviewer 

dentist review management

Rewarding patients for their review will encourage others to write a review. You can always test how well your patients respond to various rewards – from vouchers to discount coupons to free goodies. This ploy doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Invite Influencers

online review management for dentists

Individuals who have many followers on social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are called Influencers. So, you can collaborate with these influencers by offering a free dental service. In return, they will post a review and also ask their followers about you. Aha! Dual benefit.

Well, now you cannot ignore the fact that online reviews indirectly impact your revenue. Having an effective strategy for Dentist Rating Management is a way to help your dental practice thrive. Building a robust Online Reputation Management Strategy will be a wise choice to boost your revenue.

This was just a sneak peek of how you can leverage reviews to boost your revenue. There are a lot of things that can be done. Wish to know more about Dentist Review Management Strategies? Well, UNV Healthcare is at your service always.

How can UNV Healthcare help?

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